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SWAN SWAP, a decentralized cross-chain flash swap system, compatible with all EVM contract public chains, cross-chain direct exchange for any tokens on different chains, fast flash swaps, and extremely low fees.

SWAN Swan Coin, a necessary medium for cross-chain exchange, SWAN system DAO token, transaction tax 0.2%, deflationary currency holding value-added currency.

Users do not need to hold SWAN Coins to enjoy the exchange service. During the exchange process, the system automatically uses SWAN coins as a medium to exchange the target tokens. Transaction tax will be used as a cross-chain exchange transaction fee.

Users do not need to pledge SWAN coins to enjoy the exchange service, and pledge SWAN coins to use the flash redemption function, and at the same time users can get the commission bonus and have the right to governance voting.


- Fully deployed public chain compatible with EVM

SWAN SWAP will deploy all EVM-compatible public chains, and for sure SWAN Coin will be widely used

- Innovative cross-chain flash swap technology

Cross-chain exchange will be completed extremely quickly and at low cost

- Cross-chain exchange for different tokens

SWAN SWAP uses the liquidity of SWAN Coin as a medium to exchange different tokens across the chain at will

- SWAN Coins get value increased by holding the coin

Transaction tax is 0.2%, of which 0.1% is destroyed, 0.1% of the pledge pool is dividends, and currency holdings will continue to increase in value

-No additional issuance, no private offering, no reservation, no pre-sale

Increase the value of SWAN by promoting exchange and transaction volume, non-mining devaluation model

-Complete community governance

After the system running stablely, the taxation, burnning and dividend rewards of exchanges will be completely handed over to the community for governance


  • Chain
    Market Cap
    Transaction Burn
    Pending Bonus
  • BSC

Governance Staking

Binance Smart Chain (Start Block 7850000)

  • Liquidity
  • APR
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  • Earned SWAN
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Multi-Chain Deployment



60% initial burn


5% community activities and airdrops


Total supply 90,000,000,000,000,000
Transaction tax0.2%
(0.1% burn + 0.1% bouns)

30% liquidity startup pool


5% market operation and promotion



May 2021

Done checkmark Website online
Done checkmark Publish Litepaper
Six-chain contract deployment
Done checkmark BSC Pancake liquidity startup and LP pool lockup
Done checkmark BSC holding snapshot airdrop
Done checkmark Start the pledge pool and distribute bonus rewards
Done checkmark Platform cooperation airdrop

June 2021

Done checkmark BSC community AMA
Done checkmark ETH UNI and HECO Mdex liquidity start pool and LP lock-up
Done checkmark ETH and HECO holdings snapshot airdrop
Done checkmark AMAs in ETH and HECO communities
Done checkmark AVAX Pangolin, Fantom SpiritSwap and Polygon QuickSwap liquidity activation pool and LP lockup
Done checkmark AVAX, Fantom and Polygon holdings snapshot airdrop
Done checkmark AVAX, Fantom and Polygon community AMA

July 2021

Done checkmark SWAN SWAP system online
Done checkmark Publish SWAN SWAP white paper
Done checkmark SWAN SWAP audit report
Done checkmark Online exchange
Done checkmark Community governance
In progress On list CEX including OKEx, Gate and more public chains deploy SWAN and start liquidity and community activities



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Risk Disclosure Statement

The price volatility of the encrypted asset market is very high, please research and evaluate the risks yourself. Blockchain systems and applications have problems such as network attacks, thefts, technical failures, and various security vulnerabilities, which may cause the loss of your assets. You should be cautious in participating and using them. The SWAN team is not responsible for any losses caused by encrypted asset tokens and blockchain applications.